Funny Friday: A Funny Story

funny story Funny Friday: A Funny Story

A very funny story about how technology changes everything on this Funny Friday:

A couple had planned a vacation together; unfortunately, the wife had a business trip that caused her to be delayed by a day. So the husband went on to their destination and she decided she would meet up with him the following day.

After checking into their destination hotel ahead of her, the husband decided he would send his wife a quick email to let her know he had arrived and was looking forward to her joining him the next day. Unfortunately, when he typed the email address, he miss-typed one letter and the email was redirected instead to an elderly pastor’s wife whose husband had passed away the day before.

When the grieving pastor’s wife received the email she let out a piercing scream and fainted. Her family rushed into the room and saw this note on the computer screen:

Dearest, just got checked in. Everything is prepared for your arrival tomorrow. It sure is hot down here!