Fresh Off The Easel, “Blanca Basin Colors”

9x12" Plein Air, Oil On Canvas

Fine Art, Art, Artisan Jeff Love, Original Oil Painting

Fresh Off The Easel

Blanca Basin Colors is a 9×12″ plein air painting fresh off the easel. It was a beautiful day for painting outdoors in Southern Colorado today. My wife Kathy and I found this incredible setting with an explosion of fall colors on Blanca Basin Road. Not only did the colors draw me to this painting but the Cottonwood tree  living next to the Aspen tree, both displaying color, was the clincher. You can see the mountain in the background is covered with Aspen trees in all of their fall glory as well. The mountain peak is “Flattop Mountain.”

San Juan National Forest

There are so many country roads that wander back into the country side close to Pegosa Springs, Colorado. Blanca Basin Road is one of the many that we have explored this week. We’ve discovered that the roads often lead to the high county and often provide access to San Juan National Forest Access Roads. We have been amazed to see so many beautiful cabins and homes deep in the National Forest area. After a little research we found that most of these roads are located along rivers and were already in place when the National Forest boundaries were first established. The properties that were already established and being used along the waterways were left as private property. These homes and properties are surrounded by National Forest with river frontage and of course they are highly sought after.