Fresh Off The Easel: “Art from the heart of Love”

"Clothed In Majesty" is a large 30x40" oil on canvas

Original oil painting, Art from the heart of Love, Artisan Jeff LoveFresh Off The Easel:

“Clothed In Majesty” is an original 30×40″ oil on canvas that is fresh off the easel. After having just traveled in the Canadian Rocky mountains through Banff National Park and experiencing some of the beautiful high mountain lakes there, I had to start putting them on canvas.  As a western artist, I love to paint western landscape, wildlife and scenes that tell the stories of the old west. This piece tells the story of a country yet untouched by development and progress. While I appreciate both, it is so wonderful to stand in a place like this that is primarily untouched and raw. It’s easy to imagine the awe-inspiring wonder those who first set foot in such places much have experienced, and to understand how it drew them to a new life.  While this place is stunning to our eyes, it’s hard to take it all in, what draws me to a place like this is the invisible qualities that only my heart can experience. My desire as an artist is to capture a piece of the “heart experience” on canvas for those who view this painting and are not able to set foot in these majestic mountains.