Fresh Off The Easel: Moonrise Over Catalina

Catalina Fresh Off The Easel:

You have to get up early to get this moonrise setting. I did this 30×24″ oil on canvas from a smaller piece I painted from a moonrise reference over the Catalina mountains. This area of the Sonoran desert is amazing because of the variety of landscape it offers. The Catalina mountains are visible from our home to the East. I have painted them from many different points of view and look forward to painting them for years to come.

The Santa Catalina Mountains:

The Santa Catalina Mountains, commonly referred to as the Catalina Mountains or the Catalinas, are located north, and northeast of TucsonArizonaUnited States, on Tucson’s north perimeter. The mountain range is the most prominent in theTucson area, with the highest average elevation. The highest point in the Catalinas is Mount Lemmon at an elevation of 9,157 feet above sea level and receives 180 inches of snow annually.

Originally known by the Tohono O’odham Nation as Babad Do’ag,[1] the Catalinas were later named by Italian Jesuit priestEusebio Francisco Kino in honor of St. Catherine in 1697.[2]

The Catalinas are part of the Santa Catalina Ranger District located in the Coronado National Forest, and also include thePusch Ridge Wilderness Area. The mountain range is considered a prominent range in the Madrean sky islands, and partially delimits the mountain ranges in the northwest of the sky island region; lower elevation bajadas associated with theSanta Cruz River Valley spread northwestwards towards Phoenix.

The Catalinas are a significant focus of recreational activity, with areas such as Sabino Canyon providing streams and perennial pools for visitors, by road access; Sabino Canyon is also a dayhiking access point. Catalina State Park in the western foothills of the Catalinas attracts visitors for its hiking opportunities and permanent pools in Romero Canyon. The village of Summerhaven on Mount Lemmon serves as a popular summer retreat from the heat of Arizona‘s lower deserts.Mount Lemmon Ski Valley is also notable as it is the southernmost ski destination in the United States.

Other mountain ranges surrounding the Santa Cruz Valley include the Santa Rita Mountains, the Rincon Mountains, theTucson Mountains, and the Tortolita Mountains.

(Catalina Mountain information from Wikipedia.)