Freedom and Blessing

What a great weekend we had here at Alive. We started a new series called “I Love My Church”. A behind the scenes look at who we are and why we do what we do. This last weekend we talked about Biblical authority in our lives and how it leads to freedom and blessing. My challenge for everyone this week is to read Psalm 119, I ended the message with a portion of that chapter.

So, here is something to help on the journey this week. Steve Tanner is a friend and leader here at Alive and has written several daily readings to go along with Psalm 119:


Psalms 119:1-32
Key verses: Psalms 119:25b (New American Standard) Revive me according to Your word.

The Psalm focuses on a love for the Word of God.

We often think of “the law” as something negative. We tend to want to focus all of our attention on the grace relationship we have, as believers, in Jesus. We properly understand that our ability to have and maintain a relationship with God is not contingent on our adherence to the law, but on the free gift of grace through Christ Jesus.

So… why would the Psalmist, in the very first verse of this longest chapter in the Bible, state “blessed are those whose way is blameless, Who walk in the law of the LORD” ? Blessed, in this case, is often translated as “happy.” Happy in the law? Say what?

But, what is the law? Referring to God’s law is another way of referring to God’s Word. The “Law” was given to Moses and the Israelites at Sinai. God did an extraordinary thing in giving to His people a direct revelation of Himself. The Psalmist is speaking to the immeasurable riches and fulfillment found in the Word of God.

The Word of God is really the gift of God. Without His Word, how do we know anything of Him. Without His Word, how do we know anything of what He expects of us? Without His Word, how do we know anything of how we can have a relationship with Him?

In verse 25 The Psalmist seeks revival through the Word of God. He knows that it is in God’s Word and only in God’s Word that he will find true and lasting revival in his life.

Pray today for a love of God’s Word. That is one prerequisite for revival.