The Foundation For Living Life As A Masterpiece

FoundationIn his book, Fill Your Oil Painting with Light & Color, artist Kevin McPherson says: “many students say they have trouble finishing a piece, but most often the problem lies at the start of their painting process. Most people can’t finish because their foundation has not been properly laid.” The foundation of your life is your values and they must be established as a core of who you are and all you do. If you don’t feel you’ve “properly laid” your values, the good news is God will give you the chance to start fresh and new.

Setting Your Foundation

There’s a variety of key values that should be forefront in our lives, but there is one value that we must get right. It’s not one I’ve made up or discovered on my own it comes from Jesus, “Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.” (Matthew 6:33) Since God is the one who has created us as masterpieces, it’s logical that we make this our foundational core value.

What is your primary concern in life? What is it you are pursuing above everything else? When you answer these questions, you will discover your core foundational value. The masterpiece of your life will never rise above your core foundational value, so it’s imperative that your top priority be something that will last and something of worth. When you make the Kingdom of God your primary concern, all of your other values will align with it and you can be assured your life will be the masterpiece God intended.

Freedom And Fulfillment

What is the “Kingdom of God?” Simply put, it’s the “authority, will or rule of God.” To live righteously is to take on the righteousness or character of Jesus. It’s the greatest purpose of any human; we were created for God’s will. We were created as objects of His love, to love Him, serve Him, worship Him and have a relationship with Him; in doing so, we reflect His will and character—His kingdom—in our lives. It’s the place of greatest freedom and ultimate fulfillment.

Next Steps:

Take a few moments and wrestles with these questions and make sure you are building your life on a solid foundation for masterpiece living. What is your primary concern in life? What is it you are pursuing above everything else?

Adapted from Life Palette book: “God made a masterpiece…and it’s you!”