Great News as the New Year begins!

New Year

We just finished our first staff meeting of the year and the Campus Pastors reported to me that this last weekend we had 5 people make a commitment as a follower of Jesus – not a bad way to start the New Year!!!

While we have a couple of weeks left on this current series: Happy New You, we have been preparing for the next series called “Life Palette”. The theme is simple: “God desires to create a masterpiece on the canvas of your life. The Palette He has to work with depends on you.”

New Series: Life Palette

We are going to kick off this series with a big day of uniting the art world in the greater Tucson area on Saturday morning Jan. 23rd. We will be having several well known artists, Phil Starke leading the way, doing demos that day, beginning at 10am. Then throughout the series Phil Starke will be painting live during all of our services and interacting with me as I teach. Phil and I have had a lot of great discussions about how living our spiritual life as Jesus followers parallels life. If you know anyone who is interested in art you will want to make sure and invite them to the Plein Air Live kickoff event for Life Palette.


I am currently doing a lot of writing, trying to finish a book entitled Life Palette. Way behind on the schedule that we set out last summer, but none the less pushing on. I love writing. This is my second book, my first was a novel called “A Place Remembered”. I totally loved writing in fiction in a novel format. The discipline of writing this book is good for me.

My biggest job this week will be getting rid of our Christmas tree. Pastor Toby had a great idea; we should all gather our trees at the church invite the fire department and have a big bon fire! Sounds like a lot of fun to me. Plus, then I would not have to figure out what to do with ours!

Did some reading over the holidays: Sticky Church by Larry Osborne, started Developing The Leader Within You and one other Leadership book. Had a little time to do a few large paintings that turned out pretty good. The best part of all was spending a little extra time with Kathy and the kids as well as Jeepin’ in the snow and mud made for some great family time!