First Painting Of 2015: Fresh Off The Easel

Original oil painting, art, fresh off the easel, first painting of 2015“She Leads The Way” a 20 x 20″ oil on canvas is my first painting in 2015 that is Fresh Off Of The Easel.

 Happy New Year!

I woke up this morning and couldn’t wait to get out to my studio and paint! Why? Because when I paint I get to reflect something that will hang in someone’s home or office that is so much greater than myself – the invisible qualities of God – His divine nature and eternal power that are reflected in all of creation. It’s the reason I love to be in the wilderness, to experience it all first hand. Then to put a piece of that moment on canvas for someone else to experience or remember. So here is the first one of the year, painted from a reference taken on a trip to Dubois, WY a few years ago with friend and artist Phil Starke.

Dubois Fire

To my friends in Dubois my prayers are with you in this time of devastating loss in your community from fire. I know that you will rebuild your beautiful community.