Fine Art: Pagosa Peak, 9×12″ Plein Air, Colorado

Fresh Off The Easel: Art from the heart of Love

Fine Art, Art, Artisan Jeff Love, Oil Painting Pagosa peak

Fine Art:

Pagosa Peak is an 9×12″ oil on canvas painted en plein air. I painted this piece at just about sunset. It is a quick study of Pagosa Peak with fall cottonwoods in the foreground that I will use in the studio along with several reference photos to develop a larger piece. I like to paint en plein air to get the true colors and to get a feel of the atmosphere from the experience. As I work in the studio I strive to capture the feelings of the moment on canvas.  (I’m thinking, for the studio piece, I may have to put a herd of Elk in the foreground that I saw on the edge of town!)

Pagosa Peak:

Pagosa Peak is the highest mountain in the Pagosa Springs area. The hike to the top of this 12,640 mountain is memorable, so I’ve heard. Rather than hike it, I decided to paint it. While I’ve read that the view from the top is breathtaking and thrilling, I felt the view I had for painting was pretty breathtaking and thrilling. While Kathy and I did some exploring in the mountains today, this view of Pagosa Peak is pretty much the view we have from our condo.