Financial Freedom = Financial Peace

Life Hacks - Part 2


In our culture and even as followers of Jesus, we have misconceptions about money. We think that money is a means to happiness. We think that the more we have, the less stressed we’ll be. We think that to be blessed is to have lots of money.

But God’s blessing isn’t reserved only for the rich, for the middle class, for the poor or for anyone in between. God’s free gift of grace is given to anyone who believes (see Ephesians 2:8-9), and with His grace comes the blessings of freedom (John 8:36) and peace (Philippians 4:7).

Regardless of what the world may tell us, we can have this freedom and peace in our finances. One way to find it is by debunking two common financial myths:

1. God wants me to be rich.

You might’ve heard of a movement called “Prosperity Preaching,” which teaches that unless we are wealthy, we are missing out on God’s blessings. The truth is that God has blessings for everyone. In fact, the poor are “chosen” to be “rich in faith” and to “inherit the Kingdom” (see James 2:5). Jesus also addressed this within The Beatitudes (Matthew 5:3). Not being rich does not mean you cannot live the rich and satisfying life God promises.

2. God wants me to be poor.

During Jesus’ ministry on Earth, a rich man asked Him what he should do to have eternal life. Jesus told him to sell off all his possessions, which made the rich man walk away from Jesus (see the full story: Matthew 19:16-30). We often take this to mean that we need to get rid of our money and possessions to truly follow Jesus, but this is always not the case. Jesus asked this of the man because He knew how much he loved his wealth. God equally challenges the hearts of the rich and poor – the challenge depends on where our trust lies (see 1 Timothy 6:17).

To learn more about financial peace and freedom, check out my latest talk at Alive Church: Financial Life Hacks. I’m praying that you’ll experience His peace and freedom, wherever you may be financially.

In Christ,


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