A Far Better Life – The Life You Were Meant To Live

 lifeWhen you hear about the “good life” it gives you a feeling that you may be missing out on something. You may feel you have a “good life”: a good home, a good family, a good job and good health. Compared to some in this world you realize you really have it good. But what if there is something more? Something better? Yes – a “far better life” than just the “good life”. In the Bible Paul said: “He (speaking of Jesus) included everyone in his death so that everyone could also be included in his life, a resurrection life, a far better life than people ever lived on their own.” (2 Cor 5:15 Message)

Paul says there is a far better life, the life you were meant to live. Unfortunately you may feel that you are settling for less because you simply didn’t know there was more or because you don’t know how to get to the life you were meant to live.  Beneath the truth of a “far better life” you may be living in several realities that keep you from going forward:

1.     Meaning Seems Evasive

You have reached some goals and accomplishments but you just are not able to find meaning in life.

2.     You Feel Trapped

You are trapped in your schedule, your anger, guilt, shame or many other possibilities.

3.     You’re Tired

Life is busy and you are simply exhausted and worn out. You may find yourself saying you are tired a lot, or sighing. You feel you need a rest, or a vacation.

If you are struggling with one of those realities that are keeping you from living “a far better life” as the masterpiece you were meant to live, you need to prayerfully ask God to cause you to come alive in these 3 areas:

1.     Significance

The greatest tragedy in life is not death. How much greater a tragedy to have lived life and not know the meaning and purpose God put you here for. You are His masterpiece created with His purpose in mind. To simply look and feel and have “good” things is not the end result that God created for. He has created you for significance. You get that significance from the one who created you, God; He is the artist of your life as a masterpiece: “Christ gives meaning to your life…” (Col 3:4 CEV) Until you experience the significance that you have in Jesus you cannot step from the “good life” to the “far better life”.

2.     Freedom

You were created to live in the freedom of God’s grace. Grace is when God gives you what you need rather than what you deserve. Grace is a part of the “far better life” as God’s masterpiece. Your life itself come from Grace, God gives you His grace with every breath you take. His grace is the road to freedom.  “…we’re free to live a new life in the freedom of God.” (Rom 7:6 Message) Quit trying to earn God’s approval by your effort and accomplishments and begin to enjoy His approval as His masterpiece by accepting the freedom of a “far better life” through His grace in all that He has done for you.

3.     Power

As God’s masterpiece you were not designed to operate on your own strength and energy. God’s created you to be plugged into His power and that power is available to you every day. “Those who feel tired and worn out will find new life and energy…” (Jer. 31:25 CEV) “A far better life” is a life that is full of and lived by the power of God within and through you. You will still face problems, however, with His power living in you as His masterpiece you will experience energy that you did not have on your own.  In Romans 8:11 Paul said: “The Spirit of God, who raised Jesus from the dead, lives in you. And just as God raised Christ Jesus from the dead, he will give life to your mortal bodies by this same Spirit living within you.”                                   

Next Steps: 

Don’t spend life just pursuing “the good life” when you can live a “far better life” as God’s masterpiece – the life you were meant to live. He wants to give you significance, freedom and power to do and live the life you were put on this earth to live and He will do this in you on a daily basis – prayerfully ask. 

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