Empower Your Goals To Be Effective And Achievable

empowerOnce you have goals, you need to empower them.  This will make your goals effective and achievable. This part of the process separates the dreamers from the achievers; it will cause you to live with an expectation that your goals are going to become a reality.

These 7 simple tips are arranged around the acrostic EMPOWER:

E – Envision Your Goals.

Picture yourself having achieved your goal. What does it feel like to have achieved your goals? What does it look like? See yourself celebrating because you have completed them.

M – Market Your Goals To Yourself.

Seems a little silly, but it works. Marketers are great at showing us the benefits of their products; they make us think we can’t live without them. You need to do the same thing for yourself. This is the WIIFM part of your goals: What’s In It For Me?

P – Positive Affirmation.

State your goals with a positive affirmation. “Losing 20 pounds makes me healthier and more productive” is much better than “I’m going to lose 20 pounds.”  This is easy to do once you do the last step and market your goals to yourself.

O – Organize Them By Priorities.

Assigning a priority to each goal will help you to know which ones to give time and effort to first. Organizing goals by priorities will also help you to eliminate goals that you are not really passionate about achieving.

W – Write Them Down.

Achievers set goals, and write them down, it’s that simple. If you haven’t written your goals down and put them in a visible place, do it now! Writing them down makes them real, gives them traction and keeps them on the front burner of your mind. By taking the time to do this, you are putting yourself in good company.

E – Expose Yourself To Your Goals Daily.

This may be as simple as placing them on your bathroom mirror. I have a friend who works continuously on his computer; he places his on his computer monitor.

R – Reward Yourself With Progress

Little rewards along the way to celebrate progress will help you reach your ultimate goals and the ultimate rewards. To stay the course we need to reward ourselves throughout the journey.