Easter Weekend Update

We had a great Easter weekend celebration at Alive. There were nearly 1,000 people on our Oro Valley campus and several hundred on our Online Campus. The best part; 26 faith commitments. Great picture of us living out our mission!!! Congrats to the 26 who made a decision to follow Jesus this Easter. You now have the Living Hope living in you.
Thanks to all the wonderful, incredible staff – volunteer and paid, you made it happen this weekend and you all rock!!!
This weekend we launched the new weekend talk series called Life Apps with the Easter teaching that we called The Hope App. During this 5 week series we are going to look at 5 distinct Life Apps that empower us to live in freedom and prepare us for the destiny we have in Jesus. From today: Application is everything. Hope shapes our future. Because of Jesus resurrection we have a Living Hope.
Unfortunately we often substitute the true Living Hope of Jesus resurrection with things that we are always having to work to pump ourselves up. Remember Hans and Franz from SNL? “we are here to pump-you-up.” With substitutes we are constantly working to get pumped up in our hope. The Living Hope of Jesus resurrection is a inner hope that continues to grow, gives us vital life and empowers us daily.
I hope you all enjoyed the cookouts after Saturday evening service and Sunday 2nd service. It was great to be able to mingle around and connect with so many. I loved all the cotton candy!!! The kids all had a great time in the inflatable obstacle course and the Velcro wall. I’m sure we will find Easter eggs around the building for awhile from all the different egg hunts for the kids.
Thanks again to all of you who serve on the team at Alive. Through our partnership we will continue to live out our mission of Leading People Who Are Far From God To Be Followers Of Jesus!