Dream Daily, 5 Daily Habits For Success (Part 1)

dreamThis week we’re going to look at the 5 Daily Habits For Success, from chapter 8 in Life Palette. Consider the word “daily” as an acrostic: Dream daily, Advance daily, Initiate daily, Learn daily and Yield daily. We’ll begin with the D in daily, standing for Dream. To dream daily means to focus on and expand the dream God has given you as His masterpiece. A great example of having a dream is when you see a young child being asked for the first time, “What would you like to be when you grow up?” and you whiteness the child’s eyes gleam with joy as a bright smile spreads across his face, like wildfire spreads across the mountain top. When they answer, with excitement in their voice, one sees how a child can dream with such a vast imagination. The sad reality is that by the time most people reach their mid-thirties, they have had such a tremendous dose of reality they’ve given up on the dreams that once burned in their hearts as a driving passion. The joy in the child’s eyes and bright smile have slowly disappeared as they discovered what it is to live in “reality”.

Rekindle or Rediscover Your Dream

The fact is God has placed a dream in you and these dreams are a precious commodity that must be protected and cultivated. For some that may mean rediscovered and rekindled the passion they once had from their childhood dream. You may even have to think back to when you were a child and recover those dreams that you dropped along your path of life. If you feel you’ve lost your dreams—or you have no dreams at all—stop reading a moment and allow yourself time to dream.

Dream Today

 Of course, dreaming alone isn’t enough. It’s the things you do every day to live the dream that’s important. For instance: if a child has the dream to be a doctor, one day, then they shouldn’t be working toward being a firefighter if their dream is  to be a doctor. The truth is, most people get discouraged and give up on their God-given dream because of one simple element that is a vital and undeniable part of seeing any dream come to pass: time. All great dreams take time. So if you still have that burning passion for that dream that God has placed in your heart, take the time to try and make it a reality. It no longer has to be a dream, but reality.

Make dreaming a part of your everyday routine and tomorrow we will look at the A in daily, standing for Advance daily.

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