Don’t Settle For The Past, Focus On Your Potential

potential Have you ever wondered what your potential is? You may look at your past successes and think of that as your potential, but it’s not. Your past successes are realized potential. The reality is you are not yet living in the potential of tomorrow. God has so filled you, as his masterpiece, with potential. While you may feel a sense of being pleased with where you are right now, you still have tremendous unrealized potential for your future. Potential is not what you’ve done, it’s what you still could do with the rest of your life. And because of the potential God has placed in you, you cannot simply settle for what you’ve done in the past.

Focus On What You Can Do

Inside of you God placed something that is more than all that is evident where you are living currently. If you choose to live satisfied with what you have you’re killing the chance for every possibility of releasing and revealing what God has placed inside of you. Unfortunately, too many people allow what they think they cannot do to keep them from doing what they can do. That form of thinking will rob you of the potential of tomorrow. In second Corinthians 5:5 the writer Paul says this: “now it is God who is made us for this very purpose and has given us the Spirit as a deposit, guaranteeing what is to come.” Focus on the purpose of what is to come the rest of this day the rest of your life. Don’t allow your focus and thoughts to be that which you cannot do, because what you see is not all that there is for you, that is what potential is. Not what is or has been, but what could possibly be, regardless of the circumstances you may find yourself in today.

Allow God’s Process To Work

God created you and everything in all of creation with potential. In all things, including you, He created the hope of being much more than something or someone is at this very moment, that is potential. One of the struggles that keeps most people from realizing their potential is the desire to have everything instantaneously. However, God most often works through process. He begins with potential, knowing what could and should be, and brings it to fruition through process. The question is: are you willing and wanting to allow God to work through His process in your life and ultimately release potential He has given you? The choice is yours.

The Place To Begin

You can begin today by making a commitment by praying that you will never be satisfied with where you are currently. Instead, ask God to help you stay hungry to realize the potential He has for you every day for the rest your life.