Develop Yourself And Your Relationships

DevelopYour relationships will only be as healthy as the unhealthiest person in the relationship. The health of individuals is the foundation for every healthy relationship. Therefore it is important for you, as God’s masterpiece, to develop your own mental and emotional health so that you can raise the level of every relationship in your life.

Develop Yourself

Knowing and experiencing the destiny God has for you as His masterpiece is an innate desire within us all. But we often get stuck in the daily grind of living and never truly learn to live in our own skin, fulfilled and experiencing the “rich, satisfying life” that Jesus came to give us. (John 10:10 NLT) Every moment that you live and breathe you are either moving toward the life of a masterpiece that God created you to be or away from it. You are either intentionally making the most of every breath He has given you or allowing the moments to pass by without notice. Make it a point to develop and grow today and everyday toward the masterpiece God created you to be and you will add value to every relationship in your life.

Carpe Diem

Carpe Diem is a statement that is typically translated as “seize the day”. To live as God’s masterpiece fully and completely you must not only seize the day but “seize the moment”; every moment.  As you do you will discover and live in personal emotional and spiritual health. The natural results will be a life lived in the picture Jesus talks of as “rich and satisfying”. This will add value in all of your relationships, others in your life will be inspired to pursue new levels of potential in themselves. The more committed you are to “seize the day” in your life, the more you will help others do the same.

Writer Lillian Dickenson said this: “Your life is like a coin. You can spend it any way you like, but you can spend it only once.”  Spend your life today by focusing on your own emotional and mental health, not only will you live more as the masterpiece God created you to be as a result, but you will have the same affect on every relationship in your life.

Next Steps:

Set aside 20 minutes today and focus your thoughts on what you can do to develop your emotional and mental health. Prayerfully ask God to lead you through this thinking time and to help you navigate going forward.