Daily Reading: Jesus’ Return


Jesus’ Return

I will live ready in anticipation of Jesus’ return. Jesus will return to earth to gather His followers from all across the world taking them to their eternal home. Jesus’ promise to return is the great hope for all who are living in relationship with Him. Jesus’ return will be unlike anything we have ever experienced or could imagine; all the people of all the earth will know instantly of His return. Though I live to glorify Him in all I do, my ultimate desire is to be ready for Jesus’ return and to live eternally with Him.

Though I live on this earth as a follower of Jesus my true residency is God’s heavenly kingdom. I long for His return and to see Him face to face. Jesus’ return will be a promise fulfilled and a time of great celebration for all His followers. Living in hope of His return gives me strength to endure hard times here on earth; this life and it’s difficulties are temporary. I will encourage other followers of Jesus to stay strong, for His return is imminent. All followers of Jesus will be remembered and taken into His presence upon His return. I will live ready, expectantly and patiently knowing His promise is sure.

My eternal life began when I accepted Jesus as Lord of my life, but until then I will live ready to live with Him forever. I choose to live for Jesus – to be obedient to His teachings, keeping Him the number one priority of my life and to love others. I do not earn eternal life; because I accepted Jesus as my Lord and am His follower I will live ready in anticipation of Jesus’ return.

Jesus’ return will be announced with loud trumpet sounds; everyone will know of His return. His return will be unmistakable; no one will wonder about His identity. His Second Coming will not be as a humble, human carpenter, but as the powerful, glorious, and divine Son of Man. He will arrive to defeat Satan and judge all people, and there will be no doubt as to his identity. When He returns, the whole world will know that Jesus is Lord.

The dead and the living, those who are disciples of Jesus, will be taken to heaven. The dead will rise first and then the living will join them in the clouds, the presence of God. This supernatural event will be a great reunion among believers who are alive at the Second Coming and those who have already died. This joyous reunion will go on forever. The time or day of His return is unknown, but it is certain and near. I will live ready in anticipation of Jesus’ return.