How To Create Successful Forward Motion

Successfully Live Your New Year's Resolutions, Goals And Dream

Forward MotionIt’s the New Year and you have some great resolutions, goals and dreams that you want to see come to pass this year. Awesome! And know that it is possible. You can do it. The key is to get started, today. It’s not an earthquake like motion that needs to happen today for you to be successful; it’s just a simple step of forward motion to get started.

Forward Motion

Forward motion is a necessity if you desire to live and fulfill your potential. Forward motion is something you can initiate and control unlike momentum. While momentum is often a natural by product from forward motion, it is not something you can naturally initiate and control. Momentum can best be illustrated like a wave of the ocean; a surfer doesn’t create the wave, but does learn how to ride it. (More on momentum and how to ride the wave in my next blog)  

What Is Forward Motion?

Forward motion is a step, it is movement; it is the act of moving forward, making progress. It is positive movement toward a goal, a vision, or a desired destination. Forward motion is not the entire journey, it’s just a step. Unfortunately, forward motion is something many underestimate because it is just a step. Yet the step of forward motion is often the catalyst to momentum that leads to a journey of success and fulfillment. Think through the goals or desires that you hope to see happen in this New Year. If they are worthy of truly being a goal for the year, then it makes sense that they will not be accomplished in a day, or a week or a month. However, what can happen, and should happen, today is a step. With each step you take today, you are creating potential for a wave of momentum to rise up within you and around you that you can ride to your destination.  Don’t underestimate the step you can take today of forward motion. As you continue to take a step forward each day of this New Year, the steps will eventually add up to a journey.

Initiating Forward Motion

Initiation is the act of beginning something. Often we forget that each day requires us to give our energy toward initiation. You may have made it your goal in 2017 to get into shape. You have taken the first step of forward motion by doing your first workout, or starting your diet. That’s great! However to successfully create forward motion over the course of a year you have to initiate the step of forward motion daily. Done daily with enough repetition this can quickly become a habit that will be done with greater ease. Initiating the first step of forward motion each day will often make way for a wave of momentum that day.

I can best illustrate this as an artist. I love being in the flow of painting and don’t want anyone or anything to interrupt me when I am painting away, I’m in the zone. But to get to that point I have to initiate standing in front of my easel, picking up my brush and putting some paint on the canvas. It’s sounds easy and simply, but that first brush stroke usually takes more energy emotionally and mentally than the hours it takes to cover the canvas. Why? The first step of every journey requires initiation. After that forward motion kicks in it often leads toward momentum. However, the discipline of the first step is a daily discipline. I must choose to stand before the easel and place that first brush stroke on the canvas each day. The same is true for you, whatever you goals may be this New Year. What forward motion step do you need to initiate every day that will lead you to a complete journey by the end of this year?

“Do not despise these small beginnings, for the Lord rejoices to see the work begin…” (Zechariah 4:10 NLT)

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