Confusion With Healing The Leopards


 Has one ever wondered about some of the difficulties that Jesus had to go through during His time on Earth were? For instance, a leopard going to Jesus asking to be healed, when in fact He healed lepers. There surely were awkward moments like this for Jesus, during His time, but in 2 Corinthians 4:8 it says, “We are afflicted in every way, but not crushed; perplexed, but not driven to despair;”. One will have moments of confusion in their life, but one can always look to God for advice and help. The Bible has an answer for any question or difficult time in life.

Just as one has confusing moments in their life, one will also run into awkward moments as well. Ever heard the story about Adam and Eve? Well, they lived in a beautiful garden that was overflowing with bountiful plants and they had everything they could ever want, right there in the Garden of Eden. They were, how do you say, free. If you understand what i mean. Adam and Eve only had one rule that they disobeyed (yes, they were tempted though). Imagine being in their position. They eat the fruit and all of sudden they become aware of the fact that they have been nude this entire time! What an awkward situation for them, but not for God. He was perfectly fine with the fact that they were nude because He had made them that way. He knew they were beautiful beings that He had created. Yet, they were so ashamed of being in the presence of the Lord while they were naked that they hid from Him. What awkward moment they had just been through and that wouldn’t be the last in our history.

So when one is in a time of confusion or going through an awkward moment, just remember that God has all the answers. there will always be awkward moments in one’s life, and confusing ones as well, but God has advice and help for all. So pick up a Bible in times of need for all the answers to one’s problem can be found there.