Concentrate on a Few Major Themes

concentrateWriter C. S. Lewis said, “Every person is composed of a few themes.”  In my book Life Palette I wrote “Focusing on your strengths and gifts is imperative for living as a masterpiece. Consider limiting your (Life) palette. You will be less stressed and more energized.” So let me begin with a couple of questions: What are the major themes of your heart? What are your strengths and gifts?  As you develop yourself, you should identify and concentrate on the few themes at the heart of who you are.

Be Great At A Few Things

You are passionate about fulfilling your God-given potential and live life fully as the masterpiece He created you to be, to do so requires focusing on the few things (or as Lewis said, themes) that you are gifted at and passionate about. You have a choice: be good at many things and not live in your full potential or be great at a few things and fulfill the potential planted within you. You will only fulfill your God-given potential (that “more” you sense you were put on this earth for) by choosing to be great at a few things. Today is the day for you to choose to be great at a few things, get brutal with the “good” and begin focusing on the “great” it is the path to living as a masterpiece and fulfilling your God-given potential.

Designed For A Few Major Themes

I grew up on a farm in the woods surrounded by oak trees among many other hardwood trees. I was always intrigued by the oaks especially because of their beginnings. Their seed is found in the acorn that comes from its branches. Most acorns have one seed in them, some have two. Within each acorn is the potential for a mighty, beautiful oak tree. The sole purpose of the acorn seed is to become an oak tree. How foolish it would be to think of an acorn seed trying to grow to be anything other than a mighty oak tree. Why? Because a mighty oak tree is the God-given potential that lies within the seed of an acorn. By design, an acorn naturally concentrates all its effort on reaching its God-given potential. The difference between you and an acorn is you have a choice as to whether or not you are going to concentrate and focus on reaching and fulfilling your God given potential.

Concentrate And Guard

The greatest secret to improving and living out your potential is developing the discipline of concentrating on and guarding the few themes that you are great at. In my book Life Palette I call it “keeping and guarding a limited palette”.  In fact it is so important that you succeed at doing this that I dedicated an entire chapter to living with a limited palette or as C.S. Lewis says living in the “few things you are composed of”.

Imagine how much more fulfilled you will live as you jettison the stuff that is keeping you from the “few themes” and how much more vigor, enthusiasm, and joy you will live in as you are living out your God-given strengths every day.  For me, my life purpose is to live as the masterpiece God created me to be and in those around me (you) to plant the seed for the same. So let me know your thoughts below about living with limited palette/few things. What challenges are you facing and how can I help you navigate through them?

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