Size Matters To Experience Love Squared

You may know someone who has a painting or photo hanging in their home or office in a frame that’s obviously the wrong size. My grandmother was like that. I remember an aerial picture of my grandparent’s farm that hung in their dining room. The photo fit the frame horizontally but it was a few […]

Creativity Outside The Lines

Ready to bust loose from the prison of sameness and begin to explore the creative genius God has placed within the core of your being? It’s time for creativity to be a part of your Life Palette so God can paint your life with colors you’ve never even dreamed. Outside the lines As all four […]

The Finishing Touch For You As A Masterpiece

For artists, there’s nothing quite like the day a painting is ready to leave the studio and go on display to the public. It’s their masterpiece; they’ve labored over it with a purpose in mind and are excited to finally share it with the world. It’s incredible for the artist to be at a gallery […]