Unlocking the Mystery Of Purpose: How to Find Meaning And Create The Life You Want

Many people are living their lives without purpose. They don’t know why they are here or what God has planned for them.  And yet each of us is created as God’s masterpiece. To live as the masterpiece He created you to be you need to discover your life’s purpose. This is how you live the […]

It’s Technique Thursday!

To my artist friends: how many of you were able to make it to my good friend’s artist bootcamp this past weekend at Alive Church? Phil Starke has been doing these truly amazing bootcamps for some time now and I highly recommend taking in the experience. He’s a phenomenal instructor, a world class artist, and […]

What makes you feel alive?

“The only time I feel alive, is when I’m painting.” – Vincent Van Gogh It’s #TechniqueThursday – a major passion of mine is painting! To just take a step back, and immerse myself into my artwork is peaceful for me. What is your passion? What do you do in your life to make you feel […]