Unlocking the Mystery Of Purpose: How to Find Meaning And Create The Life You Want

Many people are living their lives without purpose. They don’t know why they are here or what God has planned for them.  And yet each of us is created as God’s masterpiece. To live as the masterpiece He created you to be you need to discover your life’s purpose. This is how you live the […]

Passion Fuels Vision

In yesterday’s Life Palette blog on how to live a “High Impact Life” I talked about how you set about developing a clear life vision statement.  “It’s time to get clear on your life’s vision and move toward fulfilling your God-given potential as His masterpiece and living a high impact life.”  And that statement must […]

How To Live A High Impact Life

Today I want to tap into how you begin to discover your potential to assure that you are living a High Impact Life. You already know that there is “more”, you sense it, it’s so real to you that at times you feel like you can reach out and touch it, but if you are […]