Proud of His masterpiece

Throughout this time of living in social distancing, we cannot live by relationally distancing. We are so blessed to live in a day and time when we have tools to stay connected with friends and loved ones. Even more important we have been given a tool to develop our relationship with God no matter what […]

Cleaning up your Life Palette

Cleaning up your Life Palette As an artist cleans his palette, he’s left with palette scrapings—the leftover mixed paint that becomes gray and is no longer useable where pure color is needed. You may feel there are similar colorless scrapings in your life, choices that have caused you pain and led you so far off […]

Your Life Palette

2/17/2020 Discover These Things For Success in Your Life Palette You are a masterpiece because God, as the artist, created you as His masterpiece. While you’re not the artist of your masterpiece, you have a role in becoming the masterpiece God created you to be. Your responsibility is to create the Life Palette for God, the master artist, to […]