Too Much on Your Schedule? Think Before You Change it.

Unstuck - Part 1

In our culture, having a full schedule is simply a way of life. With social media and advanced technology, it’s easy for us to be connected and in tune with everything happening around us. And we can often feel like we need to participate in every opportunity and activity that comes our way. But God […]

For a Marriage that Lasts, Put God First

Life Hacks - Part 4

In our culture, marriage is a concept that has been romanticized yet challenged and even belittled at the same time. We celebrate lavish weddings (see the latest royal wedding) and celebrity or fictitious couples as a symbol of everlasting love. However, when it comes to the day-to-day work marriage requires, we are easily disenchanted and […]

The Data is in: Prayer Saves Marriages

Life Hacks - Part 4

We tend to think of marriage as simply an agreement or bond between two people, but the truth is that it goes deeper than that. Marriage unites two people into one, which Paul defines as “a great mystery” in Ephesians. God has made this mystery to bring glory not to us but to His church […]