Shepherds Respond!

This weekend worship services ended up being completely different than what I expected when I woke up on Saturday morning. Changes can make us feel a strange amount of stress…but as we have been discovering over the past few weeks we can choose our responses to the situations that are happening around us. AND how […]

Immanuel – God With Us

Feels like a strange concept some 2000 years after Jesus was born. It seems at times we can get trapped in thoughts that God is not really WITH US anymore. We may feel like he’s just a benevolent being observing our day to day activities, but that He isn’t really involved or concerned all that […]

Thanksgiving Is An Expression Of Worship

Happy Thanksgiving! I pray that today you are enjoying time with friends, family, or some well deserved quiet time and rest. Although Thanksgiving is an American holiday, the concept of giving thanks is very important in our spiritual journey. Thanksgiving is the protocol for being in the presence of God: “Enter his gates with thanksgiving; […]