Sheep (Part 7), Truth #6: God Loves Me

"Sheltering Sheep" is an 8x6" oil on canvas

I’ve dedicated the last several Life Palette posts to explore the amazing truths found in Psalm 23 that came to life for me growing up on my Grandfather’s farm in Ohio. He was a simple farmer, a shepherd who raised sheep. Hardly a day goes by when I don’t think of him with fond memories. […]

Perspective Is To Painting As Attitude Is To Living

Perspective For Your Life In painting perspective, if handled correctly, always points toward the horizon. An artist needs to choose his or her desired horizon early in the process of creating a masterpiece. Once the horizon is established, the use of perspective will cause a one dimensional canvas to have depth and feel as those […]

Rest Is A Spiritual Matter

I often hear people talk about their Sunday afternoon naps with a little bit of humor. For me I call them my NASCAR naps. I love to nap to the sound of race cars going around a track and waking when the commentator’s voices get excited because something has happened – then back to the […]