Finding Your Sweet Spot

The Sound of Grace - Part 3

As we come to the end of the week, I hope you have thought about ways that you can serve God. If you’re like me, maybe you realize it all comes down to one lingering question: “Where do I start?” The good news about serving is that you don’t have to have a solid plan […]

Read Your Way To A Better Masterpiece Life

If you do social media at all you have seen someone ask you “what are the last 3 books you’ve read” or something to that affect. On Facebook it’s actually a part of your profile. When I go into someone’s office I’m always interested in the books that are on their desk that they are […]

7 Qualities Of Olympic Champions That Apply To All Of Life

I love the Winter Olympics, especially all of the skiing and snowboarding competitions. Watching all these champions this week got me thinking about potential characteristics that they may all have in common and how we can apply them to live our lives every day as a champion – a masterpiece.  I did some research and […]