Legacy…What’s yours?

Legacy…it’s not something we think of often…but we ALL leave one, good or bad! Oftentimes the most we think about legacy is at a person’s funeral. What do we hear people say about the one they have lost? How do they sum up that person’s life and how it impacted them? That always makes me […]

How are you KNOWN?

Steve posed a great question this past weekend…..How are you known? What defines you as a person? If someone were to try to describe you (beyond your general looks) what would they say? Maybe someone would mention the kind of work you do, or the kind of house you live in, or perhaps the people […]

Habits we do in Community?

This past weekend we talked about corporate habits. Habits that we do as a community don’t really top the list of “most thought about” concerns! Changing our diet, picking up the habit of exercising or shutting our phone/computers down at 9:00 pm…these are things WE CAN CONTROL!! But, choosing to participate in a group habit….that […]