Harmonious Living….

IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE? I love reading about BIG adventurers, one of my favorite stories comes from the early 1900’s. Ernest Shackleton wanted to be the first person to cross the Antarctic, from ocean to ocean but his ship was captured in ice shortly after he and his team of sailors had begun. As the […]

Holiday traditions…

I love getting and giving presents, the fun of surprising others, the joy and laughter as family and friends gather together, the suspense of waiting till to open presents, eating traditional cookies and treats, holiday music and so so so much more! It’s all SO fun! When my kids were young though, I wanted to […]

Jesus is NOT the reason for the season….

As an adult I sometimes want to respond to certain situations like a toddler; throw a tantrum, press for my way, or just scream in indignation. BUT I have a choice and control over my responses to situations that are, well, for lack of a better term, dreadful! Let’s face it, life in 2020 hasn’t […]