Breakthrough Comes When You Get A New Vantage Point

BreakthroughWhat one area of your life do you need to see a breakthrough? A breakthrough is the result of taking your thinking to a new, higher level from where you are currently. Often the problem is that you cannot see the new, higher level from where you are right now. If you could you would already be living at a new, higher level. So, what do you do?

Get a new vantage point. Consider your current perspective that is keeping you from breaking through as a valley you are currently in. To know where to go for a breakthrough and how to get there you need to get on a summit to get a new perspective. Unfortunately, most decisions are made without taking the time to go through the process of getting a new perspective.

With a new vantage point you are able to see beyond the tyranny of the urgent and imagine what could and should be in your life, leadership or organization. Only then are you able to have a paradigm shift that will allow for breakthrough thinking.

To do this, you must have a systematic process to help get you to the summit of a new vantage point. I use the Paterson Life Plan process for myself and highly recommend it. At first, you will need someone to help you navigate the process. It is designed to be a process that will become self-discovery once you have mastered and understood the process, but you have to understand the Life Plan process, learn it and practice it, first.

Discovering and living your Life Plan is not something you have to feel the weight of doing alone. You will have the one who created your Life Plan guiding and directing you to navigate it. God has given you His Spirit to do so. Making the choice and commitment to discover His plan for your Life is completely your choice. God’s desire is for you to get a new vantage point, His vantage point, and live a life of breakthrough.

P.S. If you are interested in getting more information about going through a Life Plan email I have limited dates available in 2017 facilitating personal Life Plans.