Bible stories that relate!

I love diving into the bible stories I learned as a child now that I’m an adult. Looking at Daniel and the Lion’s Den with fresh perspective and the bend to apply it to my actual life brings me great joy and sharing that with all of you is my extreme pleasure! I’m actually astounded by the FAITH and COURAGE it took for Daniel to remain faithful in prayer when the penalty was literally being dismembered and eaten by ferocious LIONS! I mean, seriously, can you even imagine being threatened to be harmed in any way….not to mention the horror of being torn to pieces!?!?!?

We live in such a different culture than the time of Daniel. He had actually been taken as a prisoner and then groomed to be one of the King’s advisor because he was a handsome, wise, well spoken gentlemen. He had stood up for his faith before when being prepared for service and told to eat the food that the King ordered but Daniel knew it was against his God’s rule for him. He was able to stand firm and proved himself healthier and wiser than his contemporaries even though he hadn’t followed the King’s strict requirements for food. As he was trained and groomed, he became well known for his faith and his co-workers resented him and the good relationship he had with the King. He seemed like he could do no wrong! His contemporaries decided to plot against him and wrote an edict that they had the King sign that anyone who prayed to another God rather than the King would be thrown in the lion’s den!

When Daniel heard of this edict, he didn’t panic! He didn’t run away! He didn’t even go and complain to the King! He simply kept praying to God as he always had. He went to his home, opened his windows and called out to his God in love and adoration and respect and awe…knowing that God would make a way even if it seemed impossible. Daniel’s FAITH was EMPOWERED with courage! He had confidence that God would make all things work together for good because he LOVED God with all his heart, soul and mind!

The BIBLE is FULL of examples of men and women living in complete FAITH. They didn’t always have circumstances turn out to their advantage BUT their hearts were full of trust in GOD no matter their circumstances!

Daniel’s circumstances DID get worse! He WAS thrown into the lion’s den BUT the next morning when the King came to find out if Daniel was okay…Daniel was able to proclaim that GOD had delivered him from the mouths of the hungry lions! He was able to be a living, breathing example of God’s provision in times of uncertainty and chaos!

I was reading this week in a devotional that WE TOO can be a living, breathing, walking, talking BIBLE. As we live our life out loud in front of people, they can see the attributes of Jesus in us and be drawn to ask questions, which we can then share the message of the gospel with them! What better example can we look to model our lives after than someone with courageous faith like Daniel?!

This week, take courage, God is with you even when life seems impossible!

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