The Best Decision You Can Make Today

talentsYou were born to live life as a masterpiece. No matter who you are or what your past, regardless of your gifts, talents and personality, you are a masterpiece. You may have never felt like it before, but you are a masterpiece. Every arena of life needs to have the masterpieces living and leading in them and God has provided you as a masterpiece in your area of expertise. The best decision you can make today it to be the masterpiece God created you to be.

  •  Be Vigilant

 In Matthew 25, Jesus gives us a trio of parables to teach about how we are to be vigilant as His masterpiece with the gifts He has given us. He wants us to be faithful with our talents so we can be ready for His return and live effectively until He comes. The parables Christ uses shows us the necessity of focusing on a limited palette.

  • Be Responsible

First He uses the story of the bridesmaids, where He clearly teaches we are responsible to guard and protect our personal spiritual condition. Next, Christ tells the story of the talents, showing the importance of cultivating and using what He has entrusted to us. Finally, the story of the sheep and goats illustrates how serving others is a vital part of our Life Palette.

  • Know Your Talents

In the parable of the talents, Jesus is not talking about earning salvation. It is a free gift from God, received only by His grace. What He is doing is providing an example of how to live in a rich and satisfying way (John 10:10). He tells of a man going on a long trip. The man gets his servants together and gives each of them different amounts of money to take care of while he’s away. The word used here for “talents” is the Greek word talanton, which represents any kind of resource God gives us. The man then divides the talents in proportion to each servant’s abilities. One servant receives five talents, the second servant two talents, and the third receives one talent. Each was given only what was needed to fulfill his responsibility. In the same way, each of us is given unique talents and abilities—but only what we need to fulfill His desires for our lives.

  • Embrace Being A Masterpiece

Living as the masterpiece God created you to be can be challenging and will take work and discipline. Masterpiece living is not something you can do on your own strength; you must embrace the power of Jesus in you, the one who created you as a masterpiece.  As you embrace living as God’s masterpiece you will be very inspiring to others and point them in the direction of living out their God-given design as His masterpiece. You are a masterpiece; embrace it!

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