The Importance Of Truth On Your Life Palette


In our society, we tend to live our lives and make our decisions based on how we feel about something.  In other words, our feelings dictate our beings.  The problem with that is that our feelings don’t necessarily line up with truth. The truth is we are designed to by God as His masterpiece. It is imperative that we live by His truth in order to reflect and live as the masterpiece He created us to be. Truth – His Truth, His Word – needs to be a value on our Life Palette. When we make a decision based on feelings and then discover that it didn’t line up with Truth – we are in trouble.

I Feel Like I Can Fly

Let me illustrate if I told you that I feel like if I jump off the edge of the Grand Canyon that I would soar like an eagle and be free.  It wouldn’t matter how much I feel it – if I jump, truth will quickly become my demise. I assure you my feelings would change the moment I jump and confront the truth about my decision. During my brief fall to the bottom, I would quickly realize the importance of having truth on my Life Palette – too late.

Feelings Versus Truth

As a pastor I have people tell me all the time that they feel a certain thing in Scripture is not true or they don’t feel that it is right or for today. They have chosen to live by their feelings.  The danger is that as one continues to live by feelings, sooner or later it will lead to doing things that they thought at one time would be unimaginable for them.

For instance, a faithful spouse could become unfaithful – because they feel like it.  A trusted employee could begin to embezzle because they feel they deserve it. A lifetime friend commits a murder because they gave into their feelings of anger.  And the list goes on and on…

We live by feelings more than we care to acknowledge.  I feel like eating ice cream late at night – the truth is that I will gain weight and it is not good for my health.  I don’t feel like exercising – the truth is that if I don’t it will lead to bad health.  I don’t feel like reading my Bible today – the truth is that I need God’s Word in my life every day.

You get the picture.  If you want to live the life as the masterpiece God created you to live – Jesus called it a rich and satisfying life – quit living by your feelings. Don’t let feelings dictate your Life Palette.  Instead, choose to live every moment of your life by truth.

Take Action Now By Dedicating Key Verses To Memory

As I paint with other artists, it’s easy to spot those who have not studied and understood the color wheel. They are not able to put into practice the simple system that the color wheel teaches. Their lack of command of color keeps them from creating a good painting.

Your command—your understanding and recall ability—of the truths of God’s Word affects your life as His masterpiece. Psalm 119:11 says, “I have hidden your word in my heart, that I might not sin against you.” As I talk about Scripture memorization, men often give the immediate excuse, “I’m just not good at remembering things.” The truth is you’ll remember what’s important to you. Many times the same man who says he’s not good at remembering things can rattle off the stats from his favorite football or baseball team with no effort at all. Is that an indictment of men and sports? No, but it proves a point that remembering the Bible is (ahem) possible—and will add far more value to your Life Palette and your ability to live daily as the masterpiece God created you to be.

The more you dedicate key Scripture verses to memory, the more empowered you will be to resist temptations that will lead you toward darkness instead of light. When you face major decisions in your life, it’s important to know and understand the wisdom of God so it can light your path. You will experience strength when you are in stressful situations and, most importantly, reflect His light in everything you do and say in those moments.

Next Steps Today:

Memorize Psalm 119:11. Speak it out loud every time you are tempted to live in any way that would tarnish your life as God’s masterpiece.