7 Tips For Dealing With Criticism Successfully

criticism No one looks forward to being criticized. Yet we all deal with criticism to one degree or another. And because it is an unavoidable part of living we must learn how to deal with it in a positive way. This is a skill and ability that is necessary in order to live successfully in your dreams, hopes, and wishes.

You Reap What You Sow

Before we get into some real practical tips for handling criticism we need to start with our own attitude. If you are a person who is always critical and negative about everything and everyone, remember: you will reap what you have sown. Sowing and reaping is a principle that God runs the universe by. In sowing and reaping you also reap more than you sow.. So begin with sowing an attitude that is positive.

The question in life is not “will someone criticize me?” The question is how are you going to handle criticism when you are confronted with it? Will you handle it with a positive attitude that says “I want to learn and grow and be all that God created me to be as His masterpiece?” Or will you be defensive and ultimately closed to the possibility of growth?

Since you are all about growth and being all that you were created to be, here are:

7 tips for how to deal with criticism in a positive way:

Tip #1:

Recognize that everyone gets criticized. Jesus lived a perfect life, yet even He was criticized. So, no matter how good you think you are, recognize there will always be someone out there to criticize you.

Tip #2:

Ask yourself who the critic is. Is this someone who knows and loves you and wants to see you succeed? Or simply someone who wants to air their opinion? As a public speaker I receive criticism on a regular basis. The approach of the person who shares criticism with me because they want to help me grow is very different than the person who is simply opinionated. In fact, often the one who is being opinionated writes the criticism in an anonymous format. (Not only do I not give a second thought to an anonymous criticism, I don’t even read them)

Tip #3:

Discern whether or not the criticism is constructive or destructive, there is a big difference. Was this criticism shared from a place of hurt? If so, the issue at hand is what caused the hurt, not what they are being critical about. If it is constructive criticism shared from a heart of love, then you begin to ask yourself what you need to do with it.

Tip #4:

Never take yourself too serious. One of the sayings that my staff often uses is: “we don’t take ourselves too serious, but we take God very serious.” If you take yourself too serious you will never be open to constructive criticism. And constructive criticism has the potential to take you to the next level in living your life successfully.

Tip #5:

Ask yourself if there is a pattern? In other words, was this one person or one time that you received this criticism? Or have you noticed a pattern of people in your life who know you and love you sharing a similar criticism? If there is a consistent pattern, take it serious and make the proper adjustments.

Tip #6:

When you have a criticism you know you need to take action on, begin by prayerfully asking God to give you wisdom. He wants to and He will. He is cheering for you to be all that He created you to be.

Tip #7:

Stay flexible. Your mission and vision are too important to be rigid and miss out on personal and professional growth opportunities that come with good constructive criticism. Be willing to change your mind, your attitude, and your way of doing things. Remember you are a masterpiece!

Which of the 7 tips do you struggle with the most? What will you do about them today? I would love to hear from you, just leave your feedback below.

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