7 Secrets To Develop A Winning Philosophy – Part 1

7 Secrets To A Winning PhilosophyWhich would you say that you have, a philosophy of winning or a philosophy of loosing?  Remember, you are a masterpiece created by God. A winning philosophy is necessary for developing your Life Palette and for living as the masterpiece God created you to be. If you have failed to focus on and develop a winning philosophy for your life then you have unconsciously developed and adapted a philosophy of loosing and failure. A healthy philosophy of winning will motivate you, attract top performers to you and will direct you toward living as a masterpiece. It will give you a road map toward success.

Many people focus on their goals without having a philosophy of winning. Start with your philosophy. A winning philosophy for living your life is more about who you are rather than just a simple goal to do. It will help you to develop and reach greater goals than you have even begun to dream at this point in your life. A winning philosophy will get you on the right path. Goals tend to be steps on the path. They are important, but unless you clearly understand the path you are on, you will go from one goal to another without making progress for living as a masterpiece. Developing a winning philosophy will also have a lasting impact on your life as a winner. Goals will come and go as quickly as you can achieve them but a philosophy of winning will help you make the right choices for the right goals.

Here are a few secrets that you can apply to help develop a philosophy of winning in your life:

 Secret #1 To A Winning Philosophy: Make Personal Growth A Priority

Your relationships, organization, your life as a follower of Jesus, your dreams will only grow according to how much you are growing personally. It is easy to let the tyranny of the urgent keep you from making personal growth a priority. However, nothing matters more than your own personal growth. Those you lead or influence are depending on you to grow. If you do not have a plan for personal growth, take time to develop one right now. Without a growth plan for your daily life you will simply drift. And drifting will never lead you to life as a masterpiece.

Secret #2 To A Winning Philosophy: Focus On What You Do Best

Often I hear people talking about how they are focusing on developing something in their life that is a weakness, hoping to turn it into a strength. In my book Life Palette I wrote: “You’ve heard the phrase, “Jack of all trades, and master of none.” For most people, that’s how they live their lives. Yet trying to be good at many things will cause you to miss out on being great. The reality is you can’t do it all, nor should you want to. Instead, as you focus on doing and being what God has created you to accomplish and become, you’ll discover that living in your strengths is ultimately the most fulfilling way to live.”

A big part of focusing on what you do best is to make sure you are not getting bogged down with what you are not great at. Consider the cost of investing your time doing something that someone else can do with ease, something that they are strong at. The more you focus on what you do best, the better you will do it and you will be much more productive.

You have a limited amount of time, no matter how long you think you’re going to live, and you’re born with talents that are natural—plus a limited amount of abilities to supplement those talents. Developing a winning philosophy will help you to make the most of the time you are given.

 Secret #3 To A Winning Philosophy: Learning To Fail Successfully

Tomorrow in Life Palette Blog I will continue with the 7 secrets of a winning philosophy, as we take a look at Learning To Fail Successfully. Today make a decision that you are going to systematically develop a winning philosophy so you can live as the masterpiece God created you to be. Take a few moments and consider the first two secrets; Make personal growth a priority and Focus on what you do best. What changes can you make today to get started living out these first two secrets. Write them down and make a plan.