Lord Of The Fries

It’s Not About Your Money It’s About Your Heart

Lord of the fries It’s Not About Your Money It’s About Your Heart

I’m so excited to announce my new book, Lord Of The Fries, is going to print on October 1st.  This week on Life Palette blog I want to share some excerpts as a sneak peek:

I love french fries. I’m not talking about liking fries; I mean to say that I am passionate about french fries. Even though they don’t love me and are not good for me, I love them. Somehow, I have never outgrown the taste for fast food fries. In fact, you could say I am a connoisseur of french fries. I’ve gone so far as to actually poll people in our church to discover new places to find the best french fries in our community. I’ve tried most recommendations, and still my favorite fries are McDonald’s. They’re about as good as you can get. But here’s the deal, at my age I can’t eat fries like I did when I was in my twenties. (I could, I can, I’ve just made a choice not to, based on my metabolism and doctor’s advice.) To keep myself in check I rarely buy my own fries when I go out to eat at a restaurant. Instead, I typically ask those I’m dining with if I can steal some of their fries. My staff and my family pretty much know if they order french fries I’m going to ask them if I can have a couple.

With most people I’m usually polite enough to ask, but with my kids it’s different; I feel like I should be able to just take their fries. After all, I’m the one who paid for their fries. My kids are older now and they know the process so they’ve gotten used to it. However, when they were younger it was a different story. Often when we would go to a fast food restaurant and order their meal, it usually came with french fries. This was long before the day kid’s meals came with healthy options. As children when they saw dad reaching across the table to take a few fries they would usually respond, “Hey, those are my fries.” I was always surprised by that response. I couldn’t believe my children didn’t want to share their fries with me. After all, I’m their dad.

There are 3 things that my kids needed to understand. I will continue tomorrow here on Life Palette with those 3 things and how life changing they were for me on my spiritual journey with God, my Loving Heavenly Father.

(This blog was adapted from Jeff’s ALL NEW book “Lord Of The Fries, It’s Not About Your Money, It’s About Your Heart”, available November 12th.)

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