Daily Reading: Kindness

kindnessDaily Reading: Kindness 

Kindness is a deliberate act and I choose to act in kindness. God has shown me great kindness even when I didn’t deserve it. His actions: keeping His promises and extending mercy and forgiveness toward me have always reflected His loving kindness. Therefore, today I will treat everyone with kindness. It goes without saying these will be people you come in contact with. 

The fruit of the Spirit living in me is kindness. So regardless of how others may treat me, I will remain calm, peaceful and undisturbed by their actions. I will be quick to forgive and willing to overlook their actions by responding to them with kindness. All people are created in the image of God and deserve to be treated with kindness, regardless of how they have distorted and misrepresented that image. Kindness is a deliberate act and I choose to act in kindness. 

The expression of kindness requires initiative, thus I will consider others’ needs above my own. As others observe me throughout the day I will be careful and disciplined in my actions to communicate kindness, for my actions reflect my relationship as a follower of Jesus.   

Kindness is further proof the Holy Spirit is living in me, for it is a quality and virtue that characterizes Jesus. 

My choice today is to be kind to everyone. For those who show me kindness I will respond likewise. For those who choose to hurt me I will respond  Christ-like toward them by speaking words of kindness and blessing. I am not responsible for what others may do or say to me, I am however responsible for how I respond to them. When I am tempted to blame others for a bad attitude, or have an unwillingness to forgive, or feelings of ill will developing within my heart and head, I will prayerfully ask the Holy Spirit to supernaturally produce kindness in and through me. 

God’s principle of sowing and reaping affect all of life. I will sow kindness in response to every situation, be it with actions or words, knowing I will reap much more than I have sown. I will add value to those I love with kindness. I will win over my adversaries with kindness. I will brighten the day of strangers with kindness. I will be an expression of Jesus love to everyone through kindness. 

Kindness is a deliberate act and I choose to act in kindness.