Daily Reading: Peace

PeaceDaily Reading: Peace 

Today I am experiencing peace of mind and heart. Jesus promised to give me true peace and I receive it this very moment. Therefore I will not be troubled or afraid as I face the challenges and conflicts of this day. True peace comes as I let God have His way in every circumstance of my life; I choose to yield all of my life to God’s will at this very moment and my heart is at peace. My peace is built on the foundation of God’s Word and His promises. His peace can never be taken from me regardless of what comes my way. Because of Jesus’ peace in my life I will not run from the difficulties I will face in this life, instead the more intense the difficulties the more I will experience God’s peace. Jesus’ presence in my life gives me peace and sustains me in every situation. 

The peace of God gives me comfort in place of conflict. When my faith is assaulted with the temptation to sin, when I am confronted with fear and uncertainty and when doubt tries to assault my faith the peace of God will control these destructive forces and give me comfort and strength. I have confident assurance in and through all circumstances. No need to fear memories from my past, the present conditions of today or the potential problems of tomorrow because of the peace of Christ in me. The peace of Christ guards my heart and mind keeping it safe and sound from the attack of all destructive outside forces. Today I am experiencing peace of mind and heart in Christ Jesus. 

The peace Christ has given me cannot be fully described by mere words. It is not self-generated peace, rather it comes from God alone and it is His gift to me. I receive this peace just as I receive Jesus and trust Him as my Lord and Savior. I will practice living in the peace of Christ by investing the first moments of every day in prayer and by meditating on the promises He has given me in His Word. I will apply His peace by making even the smallest of worries and concerns a matter of prayer.  I will do this by telling Him all of my needs, all of my fears and all of my anxieties.  As a result I will be prepared, should I face problems that seem insurmountable, to continue to trust in Him and experience His peace. 

I set my mind on the things of the Spirit and embrace His leading today. As I do, my loving heavenly Father gives me full life, eternal life and the peace of God. My life is hidden in Christ and His peace rules my heart; His peace rules my entire life determining my outlook and my mood in every circumstance. As His peace rules my life it will referee and restrain the passions and influences of my old nature that might threaten my spiritual journey with Jesus. Peace will continue to rule my heart and mind through any friction and strife that may come my way and I will remain strong and faithful. When I’m called upon to make a courageous moral decision, His peace will remain as I do what is right and align my life with the truth of God’s Word. 

Today I will keep in step with the Holy Spirit and allow Him to bear His fruit of peace in my life. I’m embracing His presence and living in His peace. Today I am experiencing peace of mind and heart.