6 Ways To Explore Your Creative Genius (Part 2)

6 Ways To Explore Your Creative Genius (Part 2)

Begin this week on this Monday morning by tapping into the creative genius that is within you. In Friday’s blog we looked at the first three disciplines to do this: 1.Quit making excuses   2.Choose to be optimistic 3.Discipline your creative energy.  (Check out Friday’s post for details) In this blog we will take a look at the next 3 disciplines to release your creativity in the market place.

4. Have intentionality.

I’ve had the privilege of traveling with several friends from our church to Northern Canada to go fishing. My first trip to the great white north was also the first time I’d ever fished with a guide. I was amazed how they were able to intentionally set our bait to catch a certain fish. When they said it was time to fish for Walleye, they changed the bait and how we fished—and we caught Walleye. When the Walleye weren’t biting, it was time for a bait change so we could catch Pike. No sooner had we started trolling, the tug would come on the line and we caught Pike. We weren’t just putting a worm on the hook and hoping a fish was hungry. Our guides knew how to bait and set the hooks so we caught exactly what we wanted. It was very intentional.

Creativity requires being intentional. While you may have the accidental creative moment, that’s not the norm. Most people who appear to be creative geniuses intentionally set aside time to do the discipline of being creative and never make a decision without intentionally focusing on creativity. Force yourself to see all things through creative eyes.

5. Depart from the norm.

I went to lunch one day with a friend. We made plans to meet at his office and then go to a nearby sandwich shop he loved, but I had never been to before. When we got to the shop I asked him what was good, planning to lean on his recommendation. He responded by telling me that the first time he visited the restaurant several years earlier, he ordered a particular sandwich and enjoyed it so much it’s the only sandwich he’s ever ordered since then. I was surprised and immediately offered to buy his lunch on one condition: he had to try anything from the menu except the one sandwich he always ordered. Guess what? He wanted the same sandwich so much so, he paid for his own lunch.

It’s so easy to get into a rut and never have variety in life. Yet if we never depart from the norm to try new things, not only will we not experience new and creative ideas, we will actually begin to shut down the creative genius God has placed within us. As you choose to depart from the norm, it will open up creative thinking in your life. Creativity requires faith to overcome fear of the unknown, which leads to the final discipline necessary to break free from the prison of sameness.

6. Take more risks.

The enemy of creativity is fear of failure: always playing it safe even when we know we can do something but we’re not sure if we can—or want—to go to the next level. Masterpiece living is all about reaching new heights, which means getting creative and taking risks. And here’s something that’ll help you do it! When you’re creative, you will sometimes fail. Embrace it. You’ll have some really stupid ideas. Love it. Because from those failures and stupid ideas will come the genius of success and ideas that work, taking you to a higher level.

(Adapted from my book Life Palette, Chapter 7, Creativity. Maybe you have a friend or loved one who would benefit from this blog, take a moment and share with them! They will be glad you did!!!)