6 Secrets For Making Wise Decisions – Part 4

wise decisionsWise decisions are important for your success in this life as the masterpiece God created you to be. This week in the Life Palette blog we have been looking at 6 secrets for making wise decisions. The first four secrets that we have looked at are:

  1. Get God’s Perspective
  2. Decide To Obey
  3. Determine Obstacles And Problems
  4. Formulate A Plan

If you have missed any of this week’s blog you can read them by scrolling down the page and clicking on older post. You won’t want to miss one secret!

Today I’m giving you the 5th of the 6 secrets for making wise decisions:

5. Delegate As Much As Possible

This is not delegation as a boss but more as a recruiter. It is a mistake to think that delegation comes only after you have made a decision. Delegation happens in all facets of decision making. You are not fully equipped to make a wise decision without the input, expertise and work of others.

We need each other. We are all a part of the Body of Jesus. We are a part of His family and we all have different gifts and talents that are needed to make wise decisions: “A spiritual gift is given to each of us as a means of helping the entire church.” 1 Cor 12:7 (NLT)

When God created you as His masterpiece He created you as a part of His Body. That means that you are not meant to do life alone. God did not intend for you to live as a lone ranger. He intends for you to do life together with others and He created you to need one another.

God designed for us to work with one another. And that includes being willing to let go of areas where others are working as His masterpiece through their gifts, talents and abilities. It is only logical therefore to include them in making wise decisions through delegation.

You win or lose by the way you choose.

How many bad decisions have you made in the past that could have been wise decisions had you simply delegated a part of the decision making process?

A Story To Illustrate:

In our family there are things that my wife Kathy is much more of an expert in than I am and vice versa. So, when it comes to making a decision in those areas we will delegate or defer to the other. For instance, recently we had to replace the vehicle that she drives. While she knows what she likes and fits her needs best, I’m a car buff and read about cars, their safety, longevity etc. It was her car, her purchase, but she delegated the make and model to my expertise. We were able to find her a vehicle that met her specific needs, wants, and desires while also getting her the best value, make, and model.

The bigger the decision that you have to make, the more there will be to delegate. Look for opportunities to involve as many experts as possible in making wise decisions through delegation. You will be better off because you did and you will enjoy the journey more.

Wise decisions will always involve others being a part of the process – you win or lose by the way you choose! Don’t miss tomorrows post for the 6th and final secret for making wise decisions.

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