Attitude Is The Most Important

Attitude Which one do you consider to be more important: a person’s attitude, education, money, circumstances, appearances, or fitness? Okay, so it’s a little bit of a trick question. All of the things listed are important, but the most important? Attitude! Why? Because your attitude determines how far you will go in life. Attitude determines what you will do with the education you receive, the money you earn, and what you make of your circumstances. A rotten attitude will make a very good looking, fit person look repulsive. While many things in life are not certain, one thing is for sure, your attitude does determine the altitude at which you live.

What Lies Within

Emerson said “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matter compare to what lies within us.” In other words, your attitude, the way you think, determines the way you live. There are things in your past and future that seem insurmountable. The truth is they are, but only if we do not care for and guard our attitude and thinking, as Emerson says, “what lies within us.”

100% Lesson

The test of your attitude and thoughts are the problems you will face, or have faced. Most people are great starters but poor finishers. Especially in the area of attitude and thought life. I especially notice this each year as summer gives way to fall here in the desert Southwest where we live. You see, winter here in the desert is paradise. While most of the nation is frozen and cold we have perfect weather. (Sunny and warm) Then around the end of May our temperatures begin to reach the century mark. (Yup we are usually pushing 100% by the end of May 1st of June) Because of the beautiful winter everyone has a great attitude and thinks that they can put up with a little “heat” for a few months as a tradeoff. But as fall approaches and the rest of the nation is cooling down the attitudes sour toward the lingering 100% heat. By the first week of October most desert dwellers are downright grumpy about how hot it is. We all know that the beautiful days of winter are just a few weeks away, but the attitudes head South.

Finish Strong

We all know that the trophy is only given to those who finish the race. Keeping thoughts on track with a great attitude cannot be based on perfect circumstances, or in our case, perfect weather. Thoughts and attitudes are a discipline of the mind and heart. I love the way John C. Maxwell puts it: “Problems make people: people do not make problems. Ask anyone who is a success in your business or skill set and you will notice that the common thread weaving through all of their stories is how they dealt with problems. Often you will discover that they are grateful for what they have gone through, pointing toward those moments as turning points for success.

What got them through it successfully? What was it that caused them to thrive where many would have simply survived or given up? Attitude, the way they think.

Get Started With Your Attitude 

Focus on making sure your attitude and thought life are in line with living and fulfilling your potential. Don’t just start today and quit tomorrow. Make it a habit. Make it a part of the discipline you live in every day in every circumstance.  What awaits you is a “rich and satisfying life” (John 10:10 NLT))


What attitude or thought pattern do you need to change to begin living your life at a new level? Do you think attitude is really important? Leave your thoughts and comments below.