5 Qualities You Must Develop To Be Successful

qualities Success in life, fulfillment and happiness is simple: relationships. How we relate to one another however is anything but simple. With so much riding on our ability to relate to one another, we must learn to be effective in this area of our lives. The best strategy for doing this is to consider what attracts you to others and then develop those qualities on your own Life Palette.

Here are several qualities that attract all to others that you should consider developing:


1.     Encouragement rather than discouragement.

If given the choice, which would you prefer: being with someone who encourages you or discourages you? You may have both, but who do you look forward to spending time with? Most of us would choose to be with those who encourage and build us up, be an encourager.

2.     Express Appreciation.

Everyone has a deep desire to be appreciated. Each person desires to receive appreciation different ways, perhaps a simple thank you, a bonus or an act of service. Regardless of the desired application all of us want it. Develop the quality of expressing appreciation.

3.     Work At Understanding.

You love those who understand you, your desires, your needs, your gifts, your talents, and your personality. Understanding is a result of healthy communication; communication is foundational for all relational interactions. Communication takes work – work at understanding others.

4.     Develop The Art Of Listening.

Listening is not just keeping your mouth shut; listening is more about having the desire to understand, a willingness to not talk so you can hear, and the persistence to ask questions. Do you listen to others the way you want them to listen to you?

5.     Always Choose To Forgive.

You will never be asked to forgive someone else more than you have been forgiven by God. There are many studies that prove much of our emotional difficulties and health issues are a result of the bitterness that are a result of un-forgiveness.  Choose to make forgiveness a quality that you live by every day. Don’t put it off, be quick to forgive. Not only will it help your relationships it will set you free.

In Matthew 7:12 Jesus gave us the perfect strategy for developing healthy relationships: “Do to others whatever you would like them to do to you.” (NLT)  Imagine how different the world would be if we all lived by Jesus’ words. Imagine how different your relationships will be as you practice His words!

 Next Steps For Good Relational Qualities:

Which of the 5 qualities do you need to make your highest priority today? What can you do to begin living it out?

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