Learn Daily, 5 Daily Habits For Success (Part 4)

learnIn this 5 part blog on Life Palette we are looking at 5 habits that should be a part of our daily lives that will lead to success. We are using an acrostic to help remember these habits: D.A.I..L.Y.  Dream daily, Advance daily, Initiate daily and today Learn daily.

The L in our D.A.I.L.Y. acrostic stands for Learn. To have consistency on your Life Palette, it is imperative you learn daily. To live as the masterpiece, God created you to be, the knowledge you gained yesterday is not enough to advance to tomorrow. Determine to be a lifetime learner.

To Learn Is The Beginning

I’m sometimes shocked when I look at some of the pieces I painted in my early years. I heard the story of one artist who became famous and wealthy. While walking past a gallery in New York City, he noticed one of his early paintings on an easel in the window. He went into the gallery and asked if the painting was for sale. He purchased it, but when asked if he wanted it wrapped, he declined then proceeded to pull out his pocket knife and slice the canvas before their eyes. They were stunned, especially since the artist was highly collected and the purchase price was high. What the gallery owners didn’t know was the man who had purchased and destroyed the painting was, in fact, the artist.

Of course, most artists do not have the financial means to go back and purchase the embarrassing pieces from years gone by and destroy them. Instead, the ongoing learning process of an artist is vividly documented on each signed and dated canvas. Far worse, though, than having those “learning pieces” out in the public is to have those pieces reveal you were not learning at all. For an artist to say he could not tell the difference between his early work and later paintings would be an appalling statement. In truth, an artist who was not learning daily and improving would not be known.

Unless you determine to learn daily, you will soon become obsolete and set aside, full of unrealized dreams. I have an uncle and cousins who still farm in Ohio to this day; they are very successful as farmers. Their skills and knowledge are directly founded in the farming my grandfather did, yet the way they go about it today is vastly different. While grandpa was successful as a farmer in his day, someone still trying to do things the way he did it would not be competitive today.

Next Steps: 

Humility is also a necessary ingredient for those who are learners. If you feel you are not humble by nature then you will likely struggle to learn and grow. Prayerfully ask God for the strength to be a humble and teachable learner. To advance in your dream, you have to ; otherwise your dream will never prosper. Tomorrow we will finish off our 5 part series with learning the last letter in D.A.I.L.Y. Yield daily.