4 Keys to Boost Your Creativity

Creativity Creativity is a part of your DNA. It is a part of your very core and a key element in every area of your life. Creativity is the ability to see the possibilities and potential in your life. Creativity is being able to see solutions when others only see problems. When you see creativity in that light you quickly recognize it is not something that is limited to the artisans in the studio. Creativity belongs in all aspects of your life, your business, your relationships and your daily norm.

Perhaps you have thought of creativity as a skill or talent that you were born with – or without. In which case there would be nothing you could do to boost it. As you ¬†recognize creativity as a part of your God-given nature, you begin to understand that in the same way you can learn and develop a “left-brained” skill such as math, you can also develop the “right-brained” skill of creativity.

Keys to boost your creativity in your business and

Here are 4 ways you can boost your creativity in the workplace and other areas of you daily life:

1. Think Quantity Not Quality

When it comes to brainstorming ideas, it’s easy to get hung up on the quality of the idea. However, to boost your creativity, quantity is the key. Let the ideas flow. Get your mind opened to possibilities. You can and should concern yourself with quality before pursing an idea, but you’ve got to get it first.

2. Ask “What If” Questions

“What if” questions will stimulate your creative juices. Not only should you ask this question of yourself during a brainstorming session, but ask it of others. You can boost your creativity constantly by asking others “what if”. Again, at this point you are not concerning yourself with the details of how something might or might not work – you are simply looking for creative solutions.

3. Narrow Your Focus

Once you have several ideas on the table, you begin the process of narrowing your focus. Let the idea of simplicity drive this part of the process. Simplicity is often where genius’ live when it comes to creativity. Begin to look at which of your ideas are “shoot for the moon” ideas that should be eliminated. Which ones are not “big enough”? Continue to narrow your focus until you have a few simple but great ideas that have the potential of working. During this stage of the creative process, stay open to growing and stretching. If an idea will not push the boundaries of where you currently are you may need to bring back some of the “shoot for the moon” ideas.

4. Develop An Implementation Plan

The most genius of creative ideas and solutions are worthless without a clear strategy and implementation plan to launch it. Be honest; how many times have you seen someone be successful at something only to remember that you had that idea years ago? The difference? Implementation versus procrastination. Once you have developed a implementation plan and timetable – stick with it!

Creativity is a skill you need to develop and continue to develop to be successful and effective in living out your potential. Quit thinking that you just didn’t get the creative gene when you were born. Recognize that creativity is a part of your DNA in your area of expertise and passion. Take the four keys above and boost your creativity everyday of your life!

Take Action:

Think through the excuses you use to tell yourself you are not creative. What can you begin to do to reprogram your thinking regarding these excuses? For each excuse, formulate a plan of action to overcome it. Remember, be optimistic! If you have comments or questions about today’s Life Palette blog, write them below, I would love to have you be a part of the conversation.