4 Actions To Fully Develop Your Potential

potentialSensing and seeing your potential is a starting point that requires action in order to see it fully developed. Here are 4 actions that will not only release potential but also help you fully develop it.

Action 1 – Focus On Desire

The potential that is living within you is clearly marked by the passion and desires that you feel deeply. This is the first step of releasing potential, focus on desire.

Action 2 – Embrace Discipline

If you think of discipline as a dirty word, it’s time to transform your thinking. Discipline is a tool that will get you the desired end result. It is an incredible gift to take you from potential to fulfillment. When possible, find those who are further down the road than you in the area of your potential and seek their guidance in the necessary disciplines to go to the next level. (Remember to always be willing to share with those who come after you as well – you will always benefit in sowing and reaping.)

Action 3 – Build Determination

Discipline is easily discouraged. Think about how often people start a diet or exercise program only to get discouraged and give up within a few days or weeks. Developing determination is imperative to see your potential fully developed. Every time you feel you want to give up, quit or simply get lazy, press on and continue to live in discipline and you will build a healthy determination. Determination is built in the moments of temptation where you are not being disciplined. Choose to continue on the path that you know will lead to your potential being fully developed and you will build determination.

Action 4 – Enjoy Your Destiny

As potential in any area of your life is realized it is important that you recognize it and enjoy it. Fully developed potential means perpetual growth, but with every success you must celebrate and enjoy. As you do this it will expand your potential in new areas that would have been unknown had you not taken these actions. Once you are aware of new potential, you start living the actions once again.

Question: Is it easier for you to see potential in yourself or others? Why? Leave your feedback with comments or questions below.