3 Ways You Can Prepare to Share Jesus’ Good News

Engage Your World - Part 2


Sharing our faith with others can be difficult, especially if we’ve had past negative experiences.  In my last talk at Alive Church, I spoke about how we can effectively stare our story with others, despite these negative experiences.

Being ready to tell our story lies in being prepared, and there are three things we can do to always be prepared to talk about our faith with someone who doesn’t have a relationship with Jesus:

1. Actively Worship God

Worshipping God goes beyond singing at church services on the weekends. Worship should be a lifestyle, in which we are continually serving and loving Him with all we have (see Mark 12:30). By making worship a priority, we take the focus off ourselves and put it on Jesus, which in turn helps us speak more openly and clearly about Him.

2. Anticipate Questions

Just as Peter told the first-century church to “always be ready to explain [your Christian hope]” (1 Peter 3:15b), we also must be ready to answer questions people have about Jesus. This means being prepared by knowing His Word. You can use the Romans Roadmap to help prepare you.

3. Adjust Your Attitude

As Christians, we tend to avoid those who have a different lifestyle than we do or who disagree with our beliefs. Having this attitude keeps us from sharing our story with those who need Jesus! Peter wrote that we must show our lives as an example of how to live for Christ to those who “speak against” us (see 1 Peter 3:16b). To share the Good News of Jesus, we have to be willing to allow others to see Him through us. Ask God to help change your perspective of others, and you’ll be surprised how bold you’ll be to represent Him to everyone (see Ephesians 4:23).

This week, I challenge you to make these preparations to be ready to share your story. For further study, you can also read the “Sharing my Story” devotional in The Life Transformation Bible on page A88.

What will you do to prepare for sharing your faith journey?

In Christ,