3 Tips To Focus On To Enjoy The Journey

focusI had lunch with a golf pro friend of mine recently, talking about putting together a tournament to raise money for a benevolent community cause. He has come to know my competitive nature and I told him that was why I was not playing golf anymore. It frustrates me so much to not be able to go out on the golf course and play like a pro. He told me, you have to have fun. He said “Jeff, it’s like anything in life. You have to learn to enjoy the journey!”

He went on to explain, that if you went out the first time and hit the ball perfectly straight, made every approach shot perfect and sunk every put, you would not be challenged by the game and would soon quit. He’s right! It’s all about the journey. This is true of every area of life.

A Life Long Process

The journey is about becoming, learning and growing. And growth is a key element for you to develop on your Life Palette every day. Living your life as God’s masterpiece is a lifelong process – journey – hopefully it will take many years for you to reach the finish line – so you might as well choose to enjoy every step of the journey, every day!

A Simple Growth Process

Here is a simple, not easy, but simple growth process that will help you to live in the motivation of daily growth.

1.     Focus on today.

Seeing the big picture, hope and dreams of your life, is important. However you will not see them fulfilled if you don’t begin with today. So, start with today. What are your goals for this day? How will you enjoy today? How will you invest this day of your life toward your success as a masterpiece?

2.     Focus on the year.

As you begin to successfully focus on today you will be able to see bigger goals and dreams and to look toward fulfilling a one year goal. An annual goal is simply made up of 365 daily goals. You reach your annual goal by reaching your daily goals.

3.     Focus on your life.

Reach an annual goal and you will begin to transform your thought life to see and believe that you can and will reach your life-time goals; masterpiece living!

This simple growth process will ultimately help you to develop healthy daily habits. Habits are powerful, so guard them. Make sure you are developing good habits. Good habits will result in actions and attitudes on your Life Palette that will propel you toward masterpiece living and you will be able to enjoy the journey. After all living as the masterpiece God created you to be is a journey!

 Next Steps:

Make a list today of everything you enjoy about the journey you are on. Don’t settle for a short list, put thought and effort into this throughout the day. The longer it is the more you will begin to enjoy the journey and ultimately live in masterpiece living habits.