I don’t know about you but one of the things I look forward to every summer is the Hollywood blockbusters that are showing at the theater.  Our family loves to go to a good movie, get some popcorn and have a great time. Well another thing I have been looking forward to is our At The Movies 2012 weekend talk series and it begins THIS WEEKEND!
               At The Movies is a summer series where we look at several Hollywood Blockbusters and see what spiritual and biblical truth we find in them. Each weekend we will be serving FREE popcorn and using many clips from the movie of choice. It is a great time to invite someone you may know who does not attend church to come to Alive Church with you. In fact this weekend to kick off the At The Movies 2012 series, we are giving a movie ticket to every first time guest (13 and older) who fills out a communication card and to you for inviting/bringing them.  Bring your friends to church this weekend then go to a movie together.
                It’s also Father’s Day weekend. Call Dad and invite him to come with you. We picked this week’s movie to kick off the series because of the Dad theme. That’s my big hint! I wish I could give you the movie title but because of copyright laws I’m not allowed, but I promise you Dad will love it!!!
                If you are not able to make it on campus this weekend you can join us at Alive Church online. At the movies will only be streamed live and will not be archived. This coming Saturday, June 16th at 5pm and Sunday at 9:30or 11am. 
                The building is being transformed, the popcorn is on it’s way , the weekend talk is getting the finishing touches, everything is ready for you and your friends – CAN’T WAIT!!!