Living Intuitively As A Masterpiece

I’ll never forget when I first learned to drive. Before I turned 16, I bought a 1952 Volkswagen Beetle with a standard four-speed transmission; it had a stick shift. It stayed parked in front of our family home until I got my driver’s license. It wasn’t much of a car: it had five different colors […]

Discover This Simple Strategy For Success

One of the most dangerous diseases that can infect your life is the view that your success and happiness in life is based purely on luck. When you understand the truth that you were created to live life as a masterpiece of your creator, you must recognize the importance of discipline and action – not […]

Don’t Get in a Hurry, Timing Is Everything

Has there ever been something you wanted but you had to wait for it? Maybe you experienced delay after delay. Perhaps you were frustrated and your faith was challenged. You hear things like “you are a masterpiece”, but in the delay you can’t help but wonder if God really knows what’s going on or not. […]