Circumstances Seem Insurmountable? Jesus Understands

Most of us have gone through something for a time or season when we needed a great amount of help or support. When in a situation like that, you may feel like you are being pushed to the limit or have a sense of agony. You may be in a situation like that right now. […]

Plug Into The Power Of Prayer

Life On Mission - Part 6

Pray I will always pray and never give up. Today I have the privilege of having an audience with God through prayer, I will pray continually and I will pray about everything. There is no request that is too small to pray about. There is no situation that is too difficult to pray about. There […]

3 Guidelines for Real Growth

Life On Mission - Part 5

In the past three weeks at Alive Church, we’ve discussed different ways we can fulfill Jesus’ mission for our lives, which is to go and make disciples. Connecting with others, sharing our stories and serving those around us are three ways we can show God’s light and love to others. Engaging in these three actions […]